Being 10 is tough

My little sister is annoying, my parents are overbearing and my 4 year old little brother leaves cookie crumbs in my bed. Being 10 is tough.


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Gross Pizza Challenge!

My friend Gracie came over for a sleepover and I wanted to do something fun and different while she was here! Gracie loves YouTube too, so I knew she would love to make a video with me!  We decided on doing a Pizza Challenge….yep, that was a mistake.  I had no idea how gross pickles, candy and kidney beans would taste on a pizza.  It was fun to make the pizza’s, but not fun at all to actually eat them!!

Check out the video here:

Back To School

Summer is more than halfway done and I am excited to go back to school already!  I can’t wait to see my friends and meet my new teacher!

We already bought new backpacks and all of our back to school supplies!

Backpack station

While some kids may not be excited to go back, I love school and I am counting down the days!

Don’t get me wrong, summer break has been fun! We went camping and we have had parties and spent lots of time with family and friends too.  We have a pool and a boat, so there is always fun stuff to do.  My dad even built us a zipline this year in the backyard!


So while I love summer, September is my favourite time of the year! Apple picking, pumpkin pies and Back to School!!

Super Random Stuff About Me!!

So here are a few super random facts about me:

  • I LOVE MineCraft and I’m kinda awesome at it…just saying 😉
  • I speak French! For reals! I go to a french immersion school
  • I can play piano
  • I do TaekWonDo a few times a week…I am super close to my yellow belt!
  • I love to paint and draw in my spare time
  • I want to be a children’s book author when I grow up and I have already written so many books (not yet published, but hey, I’m nine)

Check out my video for the full effect of my awesomeness!

I am taking TaekWonDo

My parents insist that I do a sport of some kind.  I hate sports.  First of all, I am not good at any of them and secondly, I hate sweating.

I have literally tried over a dozen different sports and I have been terrible at all of them. Gymnastics? Well, I can do a somersault! Soccer? You just run around chasing a ball…in the hot sun…No thanks.  Dance, swimming, golf, volleyball, badminton – you name it- I’ve tried it and hated it.


So now it is TaekWonDo.  The outfit feels ridiculous, but I kinda like punching and kicking. They speak Korean, so I have no idea what my instructors are saying most of the time, but I think I must be doing pretty well because they have me training with the yellow belts after my first week!

So, maybe this sport will be my thing, who knows.  My little brother Milo is convinced I am a “Ninja” now and he wants to be one too.  Check out the video of my brother pretending to do TaekWonDo:

The Runaway Lollipop

I like writing kids books! Here is a short story I wrote, I hope you like it!

Once there was a baby.  She was with her Mommy at the fair.  They bought too many things and the baby couldn’t hold all of them, so she dropped the lollipop she was licking on the ground.


“Mommy!” she cried, but her Mommy wasn’t listening.

“Yuck” said the lollipop, “that baby was slobbery”!  The Mom then noticed the lollipop and when she bent down to pick it up, the lollipop took off, hopping away on its stick.

“Hey” yelled the Mom, “Come back here!”  The lollipop hopped right out of the fair, with the Mommy pushing the stroller chasing behind yelling “stop that lollipop!”


A news crew saw what was happening and started chasing the mom and the baby, who were chasing the lollipop.


The lollipop hopped into the first house it saw! It didn’t know where it was going, but it knew it didn’t want back in that baby’s slobbery mouth!

The lollipop hopped right into a bathroom, where a very hairy man was taking a bath! The hairy man screamed, the lollipop screamed and then the Mom and the baby started screaming too.


“This is a juicy story” said the news reporter, while the cameraman was filming the entire thing!

The lollipop started slowly hopping backwards, to get away from the hairy man in the tub, and before he knew it, he fell right out the window! The lollipop bounced off an ice cream truck and right into a gross garbage can!


“Yuck” said the baby!

“Double Yuck” said the Mommy and they left the lollipop in the garbage can and went back to the fair.

“Look!” yelled the cameraman and the news crew ran off to chase a dancing bunny down the street!

And the lollipop lived a happy and slobber-free life!

The End!



Sour Candy Challenge

Have you ever done a sour candy challenge with your friends or family? It is fun and really hilarious! Just buy some sour candy and see who can keep it in their mouth the longest!

Most of the “sour” candy we bought turned out to not be sour at all! But “War Heads Extreme Sour Candy” was so sour, I couldn’t even keep it in my mouth for two seconds!

Check out the video of me and my little brother and sister taking the Sour Candy Challenge:

If you take the “Sour Candy Challenge”, make sure to make a video or share it #sourcandychallenge

DIY Tween Game Cube

My friend Jenna came over and we made a really fun game using just a piece of paper!


We folded the paper into a cube and glued it together. We added different challenges on each side of the cube and then took turns rolling the cube!

Some challenges we put on our cube were:

Try Not to Laugh Contest
Best Voice Impression
Truth or Dare
Ice Cube Challenge
Play Barbies

You can add any challenges you want to your own game cube!  So much fun with just two people, or a big group of friends!


Check out the video we made here:

5 Reasons I Can’t Wait To Grow Up!

I’m nine years old. Being nine is great and super crappy at the same time! Sometimes I daydream about being a grown up….here are my Top Five Reasons I can’t wait to grow up!

  1.  I get to stay up late!  Last year my mom said when I finally turn nine I would be able to switch my bedtime from eight o’clock to nine o’clock.  Guess what? I turned nine and she still makes me go to bed at eight!! Oh the injustice!

2. I get to boss my kids around! Right now, my parents are like “Izzy get this” or “Izzy do that”.  I can’t wait to have little minions of my own to do whatever I tell them to!

3. I get my own room! I currently share a room with my little sister Abby.  Urgh.  The best part of being a grown up is that I will finally have my own room, well until I’m married I guess.  Maybe I will make my husband sleep in the livingroom.

4. No more Kumon.  🙂  Seriously, it’s Kumon. You have heard enough.

barbie car

5.  I get a car! Hot pink, like a real life Barbie car. Maybe my husband will look like Ken!