Gross Pizza Challenge!

My friend Gracie came over for a sleepover and I wanted to do something fun and different while she was here! Gracie loves YouTube too, so I knew she would love to make a video with me!  We decided on doing a Pizza Challenge….yep, that was a mistake.  I had no idea how gross pickles, candy and kidney beans would taste on a pizza.  It was fun to make the pizza’s, but not fun at all to actually eat them!!

Check out the video here:


Back To School

Summer is more than halfway done and I am excited to go back to school already!  I can’t wait to see my friends and meet my new teacher!

We already bought new backpacks and all of our back to school supplies!

Backpack station

While some kids may not be excited to go back, I love school and I am counting down the days!

Don’t get me wrong, summer break has been fun! We went camping and we have had parties and spent lots of time with family and friends too.  We have a pool and a boat, so there is always fun stuff to do.  My dad even built us a zipline this year in the backyard!


So while I love summer, September is my favourite time of the year! Apple picking, pumpkin pies and Back to School!!