I am taking TaekWonDo

My parents insist that I do a sport of some kind.  I hate sports.  First of all, I am not good at any of them and secondly, I hate sweating.

I have literally tried over a dozen different sports and I have been terrible at all of them. Gymnastics? Well, I can do a somersault! Soccer? You just run around chasing a ball…in the hot sun…No thanks.  Dance, swimming, golf, volleyball, badminton – you name it- I’ve tried it and hated it.


So now it is TaekWonDo.  The outfit feels ridiculous, but I kinda like punching and kicking. They speak Korean, so I have no idea what my instructors are saying most of the time, but I think I must be doing pretty well because they have me training with the yellow belts after my first week!

So, maybe this sport will be my thing, who knows.  My little brother Milo is convinced I am a “Ninja” now and he wants to be one too.  Check out the video of my brother pretending to do TaekWonDo:


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