The Runaway Lollipop

I like writing kids books! Here is a short story I wrote, I hope you like it!

Once there was a baby.  She was with her Mommy at the fair.  They bought too many things and the baby couldn’t hold all of them, so she dropped the lollipop she was licking on the ground.


“Mommy!” she cried, but her Mommy wasn’t listening.

“Yuck” said the lollipop, “that baby was slobbery”!  The Mom then noticed the lollipop and when she bent down to pick it up, the lollipop took off, hopping away on its stick.

“Hey” yelled the Mom, “Come back here!”  The lollipop hopped right out of the fair, with the Mommy pushing the stroller chasing behind yelling “stop that lollipop!”


A news crew saw what was happening and started chasing the mom and the baby, who were chasing the lollipop.


The lollipop hopped into the first house it saw! It didn’t know where it was going, but it knew it didn’t want back in that baby’s slobbery mouth!

The lollipop hopped right into a bathroom, where a very hairy man was taking a bath! The hairy man screamed, the lollipop screamed and then the Mom and the baby started screaming too.


“This is a juicy story” said the news reporter, while the cameraman was filming the entire thing!

The lollipop started slowly hopping backwards, to get away from the hairy man in the tub, and before he knew it, he fell right out the window! The lollipop bounced off an ice cream truck and right into a gross garbage can!


“Yuck” said the baby!

“Double Yuck” said the Mommy and they left the lollipop in the garbage can and went back to the fair.

“Look!” yelled the cameraman and the news crew ran off to chase a dancing bunny down the street!

And the lollipop lived a happy and slobber-free life!

The End!




The Sisters Grimm

Sometimes choosing a new book is so hard. I love reading, but when I’m in the bookstore, surrounded by thousands of books, I get so overwhelmed I can never seem to pick one.

Today, after an hour of looking for a new book and reading a million back covers, my little brother was going ballistic and I knew my Mom was going to make me leave with nothing if I didn’t choose fast.  The awesome lady that works at the bookstore asked if I had ever read “Sisters Grimm” and I had not!

She said it was a fantasy adventure book series, (my favourite) so I picked the first two and I can’t wait to start them tonight!


I LOVE adventure books, and I love all of “The Brothers Grimm” fairy tales, so I am sure these books are going to rock!

I’ll let you know how they are as soon as I am done the first one, so stay tuned!