Toys for Tweens – Christmas Ideas for Girls

I really don’t play with a lot of toys anymore, so when people ask me what I want for Christmas, I don’t usually have a lot of ideas for them!

I love books and crafts, but there are a few toys I still love getting!

Calico Critters

These Calico Critters are so cute and fun to play with! They come with little play sets and lots of different animal families.  I love setting them up and I still play with them all the time!


Beanie Boos

Who doesn’t love a Beanie Boo? I love getting new ones to add to my collection! Everyone in my class loves Beanie Boos just as much as I do! “Ellie” the elephant is my favourite!


Ever After High Dolls

I like doing their hair, changing their outfits and you can also purchase different play sets.  I love watching the Ever After High TV shows and I usually play with the dolls while I watch the show!


If you are looking for gift ideas for the tween in your life, books and craft kits are always a hit!

I hope you got some Christmas gift ideas!




2 thoughts on “Toys for Tweens – Christmas Ideas for Girls

  1. Shelley Aarssen says:

    Hey Izzy, I 5hought I subscribed to yu channel, but I’ve missed quite a few of these, little cutie pie. You are an inspiration Izzy….a very sweet little girl that I’m proud to call grand daughter. Love you lots , Grama A.


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