5 Reasons I Can’t Wait To Grow Up!

I’m nine years old. Being nine is great and super crappy at the same time! Sometimes I daydream about being a grown up….here are my Top Five Reasons I can’t wait to grow up!

  1.  I get to stay up late!  Last year my mom said when I finally turn nine I would be able to switch my bedtime from eight o’clock to nine o’clock.  Guess what? I turned nine and she still makes me go to bed at eight!! Oh the injustice!

2. I get to boss my kids around! Right now, my parents are like “Izzy get this” or “Izzy do that”.  I can’t wait to have little minions of my own to do whatever I tell them to!

3. I get my own room! I currently share a room with my little sister Abby.  Urgh.  The best part of being a grown up is that I will finally have my own room, well until I’m married I guess.  Maybe I will make my husband sleep in the livingroom.

4. No more Kumon.  🙂  Seriously, it’s Kumon. You have heard enough.

barbie car

5.  I get a car! Hot pink, like a real life Barbie car. Maybe my husband will look like Ken!


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